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Lex Duco Luxury Homes

Posted on 2018-07-09 22:07:06      Location : Colombo > Colombo

Rs. 14000000/-
A Better Service Under a NEW Lex Duco Management! It Changes Many Things and Just Call 0773 222 555 To See for Yourself. Call Us for a Quote Now, No Obligations! - Fixed Prices for Most Designs* - #1 Design & Build Company in Sri Lanka - 160+ Designs to Select From - Realistic Prices & Highest Quality Assured with 20 Years Warranty - Our signature is Quality and it is Lex Duco Construction Quality thanks to our Triple Quality Check (TQC). Visit our sites and see for yourself. - Compare Lex Duco with others at www.lexduco.lk/web/compare-lex-duco/ *Conditions apply.

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