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6pcs Cylindrical Spice rack

Posted on 2018-04-28 17:41:13      Location : Colombo > Colombo

Rs. 1150/-
6pcs Cylindrical Spice rack Cooking is rarely about using perfectly precise portions—so Umbra designed this clever spice rack with a set of six cylindrical containers, each with its own adjustable ring that lets you shake out as much seasoning as you need. Or, you can simply remove the cap to grab a tried-and-true pinch of whatever spice the recipe calls for. A modular spice rack that can be freely placed on any counter or mounted on the wall. Its -like cover allows you to load spices cleanly or pinch as you like. A movable band in the middle slides smoothly to sprinkle a bit--or a lot--of flavor, as you place your cylinder on its perimeter. *Customizable storage containers *Can be placed in a drawer, on the counter or mounted on the wall *Various openings for spice disbursement *6 containers with 2 openings for dispensing *Dishwasher safe *BPA free and food safe *Blank labels included *Cash On Delivery *Island wide delivery

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