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Cervical Vibration Massage Pillow

Posted on 2018-04-28 17:38:49      Location : Colombo > Colombo

Rs. 1900/-
Cervical Vibration Massage Pillow To improve sleep quality, ease, cervical vertebra disease *2 in 1 (Combined with massage and care for a rest) *Improve blood circulation in the neck, the prevention of cervical spondylosis *Shuhuo meridians, eliminate fatigue, relieve neuropathic pain, *care of the head and neck at rest to maintain normal posture of the head and neck *5 massage freedom of choice *Works with 2 AA batteries *Fabric quality lycra filler food grade cotton snow peas, safety and environmental protection. *Cash On Delivery *Island wide delivery *Payments can be done through Ez cash or bank deposit as well Email - ndealzn@gmail.com Now available at @N -Dealz from 3,950 onward Call for orders 0770095173 (whats app / Viber / Line / Imo /Wechat) 0752666186 Please like us on Facebook @N - DEALZ https://www.facebook.com/ndealz.com.lk Please follow us on twitter N - DEALZ https://twitter.com/n_dealz Please follow us on instagram @n_dealz https://www.instagram.com/n_dealz/?hl=en

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